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Ava’s Senior Pictures // Senior Photos in Cleveland

I met Ava and her mom for her senior pictures in Cleveland. Like all of my senior portrait clients, Ava didn’t want her senior pictures to look like everyone else’s.  She expected unique senior pics. Since she is a senior at Copley High School, we decided to bring her all the way up to Cleveland for her senior images. By coming to Cleveland, we were assured that her pictures will not look like her classmates. Also, we have a lot of great outdoor locations for pictures.

Senior Photos in Cleveland // East 4th Street

There is good reason that East Fourth Street and downtown Cleveland is one of the most photographed locations in Cleveland. It offers a lot of interesting lighting and textures and it’s never the same each time you visit. I love having photo sessions here, no matter how many times I’ve done it.  Rain was in the forecast so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We did some really great pictures along East 4th and then it started to sprinkle. We had to make a move.

Urban Senior Pictures

We had planned to do some pictures at Wade Oval Park and worked our way there. But the closer that we got to University Circle, the harder it began to rain. I had to think of a spot that we could still get some great pictures, but keep Ava dry. There is a popular abandoned warehouse on the route to Wade Oval. I’ve used it a ton in the past. This seemed like that best option. So that’s what we did.

Water dripping from the ceilings. Who knows what was strewn along the ground. It was perfect. I love the challenge of a tough location. That’s why this one is one of my current favorites. Ava was a good sport considering the conditions and  I can guarantee that she has one of a kind senior pictures.  The warehouse has since been fenced up and off limits. Here are a few of my favorites of Ava’s senior photos in Cleveland.

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