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What experience do you have?

A:  With so many photographers available today, it’s important to know that your photographer has the experience to handle any situation. Weddings are fast paced and hectic. Additionally, there are many different lighting situations that could be possible on your day. You will want someone who can deftly handle it all. 

I have been a wedding photographer since 2000. I have documented close to 400 weddings. In 2012 I was certified as a “Master Photographer” by the Professional Photographers of America. 

I am also intimately familiar with the city of Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio area having lived and worked here during these last 23 years. 


What do you charge and what am I paying for?

A: There are many different price levels for every budget. Be sure to thoroughly research the photographer that you are interested in so that you fully understand what they charge and what you will be getting for your money. The ideal way to learn every aspect of a photographers approach is a face to face meeting. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a car without sitting in it, starting it, and giving it a test drive would you? Let’s sit down, face to face, so that you can get a feel for the passion that I have for weddings and you can gauge whether or not we would be a good fit together. Is your wedding photography important enough for that? 

With me, you can expect to invest more than you would with an average photographer.  I have spent decades refining my craft documenting hundreds of weddings. During this time, I have developed a style that is uniquely my own. I am an expert in the field of event and wedding photography. In order to take advantage of my years of experience and unique photographic style, a larger investment can be expected. 

There are a lot of photographers in Cleveland, but very few with a combination of a unique style and decades of experience. 

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 Contact me to set up a meeting. 



Why is a wedding album usually included?

A: Your wedding day is the beginning of your life together. I want to present you with the most beautiful representation of your wedding day as is possible. That can only be done with the finest wedding album available today. We will collaborate to put together a storybook that you can’t wait to show your family and friends. A tangible item in which you can share your favorite wedding pictures.  Your very first family heirloom. 

Digital files are included in our top Collection and can be added to our other Collections. 99% of our clients select the digital files. Digital only options are also available.  But, typically, my clients also receive a wedding album first and foremost.  See some of our wedding album designs -HERE- 


Do you do standard family pictures at weddings?

A: Always. Family pictures are some of the most important pictures that we will take on your wedding day. See my thoughts on family photos at weddings -HERE-


Do You Have Insurance?

A: Like any professional business, we have liability insurance. 


Do you use a shot list?

A: I strongly believe in being completely organized for your wedding day. And, although a majority of the pictures from your wedding will be photojournalistic, or candids, there are important family pictures that we need to ensure that we don’t miss. Of course, standard moments like your first look, first kiss and first dance, ect., are things that we will always capture, but there may be things that you want me to know about. Are there pictures with college friends that you will want? ?  Do you want an extended family picture? We will discuss this beforehand so that, on your wedding day, you can relax and enjoy your day knowing that we are totally organized. There are no do overs.  We want to be orderly so that you don’t have to worry about missing anything that is important to you. That is why, together, we will discuss every single detail of your wedding day and I will definitely reference our discussion and the important elements on your wedding day. 


Who will show up on my wedding day?

A: Me. Always. 


Why is all day photography coverage important?

A: With this question I always respond with another question. What part of your wedding day is NOT IMPORTANT enough to photograph? The answer is different for every couple. But in general, for our clients, your entire wedding day is important. That is why my minimum pricing includes all day wedding coverage. And, although I will happily customize your coverage to fit your needs and budget, I, typically, spend the entire day with my clients. You can read more of my thoughts on all day wedding coverage -HERE-. 


How long will it take to get my pictures back?

A: I promise that you will have your wedding proofs ready to view within two weeks of your wedding day. 


Are all the pictures on your website from actual weddings?

A: Yes! There is a popular trend amongst newer photographers to have “content sessions” where they hire models and have a controlled photo shoot. While I don’t condemn this, these content shoots in no way reflect an actual wedding day. A wedding day is an uncontrolled event where there are no do overs. A photographer must be able to aptly perform in this uncontrolled environment so that you will have great pictures regardless of the location, lighting situations or how challenging they are. 


Will you put together a custom package for me?

A: Upon request, I will customize my coverage for a limited number of clients based on needs and budget.  


Do you offer digital files?

A: Digital files are always available. We do offer a digital only price schedule and they are included in our top album Collection. Digital files can be added on in all of our other Collections.


Will you keep my wedding pictures private and not share them on social media?

A: I value my clients privacy greatly. If you do not want your wedding pictures shared publicly on social media we will always honor that request and we WILL NOT CHARGE for this. 


Do you give a military discount.

A: We honor those who have served our country with a Military Discount. Active military members or retired military members with a DD214 will receive 10% off of all of our Collections. 


How Can I Find Your Service Near me?

A:  Give me a call at 216-633-9718

Or e-mail me at


(216) 633-9718