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Senior Portraits in North Canton // Cleveland Senior Photographers

I travelled south for Nick’s senior portraits in North Canton. I did Nick’s sister Stevie’s senior pictures four years ago (Hi, Stevie!) and his mom’s wedding last year, so it was great to be able to be the one to document his senior year pictures.

Senior Pictures Right At Your House

Neither Nick nor his mom wanted to travel too far for his senior photos. They have a lot of space at their house and around where they live so we decided to do them right there. This is a drastically different approach to your typical senior portraits. Normally, you would schedule your pictures at a studio where they have all of the latest, trendy backdrops and props at a time that is convenient to the studio. But I always ask, shouldn’t your pictures be convenient for you and not me? And, shouldn’t they be completely different and unique pictures? Going on location ensures that we fulfill both of those requirements.

Convenient Outdoor Pictures

We started indoors. Not only because this is a good way to get going and get Nick comfortable in front of my camera, but the light is completely controllable for the most part. So, it was a good start to the session. We eventually made it outside which was our ultimate goal. We did have to do these in increments since it was pretty cold outside. We would go out and do some pictures until we needed warmed up. Go inside, then go back out and do it again. This worked out really well and being at his home made it completely convenient for Nick.

I want to thank Nick for being such a great subject and I want to, especially, thank his mom Mary for entrusting me with, yet, another milestone.

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