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engagement session with reflections at firestone country club

Winter Photo Session at Firestone Country Club

A winter photo session at Firestone Country Club is not too difficult. We have the clubhouse which we can utilize if it’s too cold. And, for Karen and Ryan’s engagement session, we absolutely had to use it. It was 7 degrees outside (7 DEGREES!!). They were meeting to do some wedding planning and Melanie and Christian were gracious enough to allow us inside for 99% of the pictures. Karen and Ryan will be having their wedding and reception at Firestone in June. The weather should be MUCH improved by then, but who knows. This IS Ohio.

As I was driving to their session I kept thinking “How can we get pictures outside without being outside?” The answer was simple. Incorporate the outdoors thru windows while staying warm inside. It worked out perfectly on this day because we were able to utilize very bright, direct sunlight. I really love direct sunlight in pictures because it is the supreme light source in the universe. It has a lot of challenges but they can be overcome with awesome clients like Ryan and Karen.

We did end up spending just a few minutes outside for some images that were important to the two of them. Here are a few of my favorites. I am really looking forward to Karen and Ryan’s Firestone wedding day this summer.

engagement picture of a couple in a booth at firestone country clubcouple kissing in suite at firestone country club pre wedding day of bride and groom at firestone country clubman hugging woman inside ballroom of firestone country clubengagement session with reflections at firestone country club