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Wedding Day in Youngstown // Cleveland Wedding Photographers

I took a short jaunt yesterday for Michael and Katherine’s wedding day in Youngstown. I was super excited for this day because it was so well organized and there were some exciting things planned.

Wedding Day at Avalon Inn Resort and Spa

My day started at Avalon Inn Resort and Spa in Warren. Such a beautiful space and with all of the major renovations that are taking place, it looks to me that it is only getting better. While my assistant Kristen was with Katherine at Turning Heads Salon, I met Michael and his groomsmen at Avalon. It was super hot and humid out so I wanted to limit that amount of time that anyone spent outside. Avalon was perfect. A HUGE space with plenty of room, Michael’s room was nice and cool. We did go outside for a few obligatory pictures with the groomsmen, but most of the action took place inside. One of my favorite images of Michael, below, was lit with the light of a soda machine right outside of his room 🙂

Getting Ready for the Wedding at Mom’s House

I absolutely love that Katherine decided to get ready for her wedding day at the house where she grew up. This adds an extra layer of intimacy to the day. The fact that she is prepping for her wedding in the same house where she ran around as a little girl…it is just great. I tried to incorporate little details to reflect this.

Once they both were ready, we planned a “first look” at the Avalon. This enabled them to get many of the obligatory wedding pictures finished before the wedding ceremony, so that they had more time with their guests afterward. I will post some from this moment and after in my next post about the rest of their day including their wedding reception at St. Demetrios.

Here are a few favorites from the early part of their wedding day at the Avalon in Youngstown.

 grooms wedding attire at Avalon Hotel Youngstown groomsmen handling wedding boutonniére atAvalon Hotel Youngstown groom pinning on wedding day boutonniére at Avalon Hotel Youngstown groom putting on tie on wedding day at Avalon Youngstown groom fixing tie in mirror at Avalon Hotel Youngstown groom adjusting collar on wedding day at Avalon Youngstown groom straghtening shirt at Avalon Hotel Youngstown  all groomsmen prepping for Youngstown wedding bride getting hair done at Turning Heads Salon Youngstown bride looking at hair at Turning Heads Salon in Youngstown brides handbag for her wedding day brides wedding shoes at her home in Youngstown bride putting on make-up before her wedding in Youngstown  bride powdering her face before her Youngstown Wedding brides dad dressing for his daughter's wedding in Youngstown brides mom buttoning her wedding dress mom helping bride with wedding dress in home in Youngstown  reflection of mom helping bride into her wedding dress maid of honor helps bride into her wedding dress bustling Matina's Bridal gown  bride putting on her wedding shoes  bride adjusting lipstick on wedding day in Youngstown mom hugging bride on wedding day  wedding picture of bride laughing  classic wedding picture of bride wedding picture of groom in hallway at Avalon Hotel groom by soda machine at Avalon Hotel