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Why is David Crying?

  • Post published:November 8, 2017
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Why is Dave Crying.

I met Bianca and Dave at Wade Oval Park. They are former bridal clients and Bianca wanted to set up a special photo session. Her idea was to give each of them a dry erase board and they would share a comment of love with each other while I document it. This is what happened.

couple preparing for their birth announcement in wade oval. husband writing his wife a love letter. wife telling her husband that she is pregnant wife about to let her husband know that she is pregnant husband finding out he is going to be a father husband crying after hearing that he is going to ge a father husband crying after finding out he is going to be a father baby announcement

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Part of my standard wedding photography service is the added benefit of offering my bridal clients incentives for future photography sessions. I have spent the most important day of their lives up to this point in their lives with them. I want to be able to, not only continue to offer my wedding clients access to the absolute best photography service in Cleveland, but I also want to stay in touch with them.  Photographing a pregnancy announcement is the perfect opportunity to do both.

I want to thank Bianca for her outstanding idea with breaking the news to Dave and also for allowing me to witness and document the momentous historical event.