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Wedding Ceremony at St. Christopher // Cleveland Wedding

  • Post published:October 28, 2018
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Saturday was Joe and Nicole’s Cleveland wedding. After their engagement session in downtown Cleveland, I knew that they would be great.

The day started with Nicole getting ready at Devereaux Boutique and Joe getting ready at his parents house. It was such a laid back and relaxed day, which is not very common for a wedding day. Hectic and a little stressful is usually the norm.  Mine was, to an extent. There has been a lot of time, planning and money invested in the day so it’s completely normal for things to be a little hectic. But not on this day. Joe and Nicole had a great wedding day timeline and it played out perfectly.

Wedding Ceremony at St. Christopher in Cleveland

The wedding ceremony took place at St. Christopher Parish in Rocky River. A minimalist (in my opinion) church, it is just beautiful. Because of the great planning, we were able to get a lot of great wedding pictures around the church and outside as well. The weather was cool and cloudy but not uncomfortable. We wouldn’t have to spend much time outside anyway since we had the beautiful church to work with as well as the Ariel Pearl afterward, where they would be having their wedding reception.

After the ceremony and some family pictures at the altar, we did some creative wedding pictures in the church. I could have spent all day there. Afterwards,  it was on to their wedding reception at Arial Pearl.

Here are a few favorites from the first part of their wedding day.

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