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Evening Engagement Pictures // Engagement Photos Cleveland

I met Joe and Nicole on East Fourth Street for their evening engagement pictures in Cleveland. This was our first face to face meeting since they booked me over the phone. This created a challenge for them since they are not only meeting me for the first time, but also stepping in front of my camera, as well.

Adjusted Nicely

All couples, including my wife and I when we had our pictures done, are nervous when getting in front of a photographers camera for the first time. Joe and Nicole admitted as much about themselves. This is a good thing. Nervous means that you care, whether it’s the engagement pictures or the wedding day photos. So, having the engagement session before the wedding helps with this. I explain it in more detail -HERE-.

Night Engagement Pictures in Cleveland

Joe and Nicole decided that they wanted their engagement pictures at night. There aren’t a ton of photographers in Cleveland doing these type of pictures, at least that I’ve seen. So getting unique pictures after dark in downtown was our goal. Plus, doing engagement pictures in downtown Cleveland is always fun. It’s my go to location for city type pictures for my wedding client and senior portrait clients.

As I mentioned, we met on East Fourth Street. Probably one of the most popular spots for pictures in downtown, and for good reason. For night photos, it’s perfect. Lined with café lights, various businesses with lighted front displays. Its perfect. As we were doing our thing on E 4th. Jen Rickey, the event coordinator at House of Blues happened by. She offered to let us up into the Foundation Room, which we gleefully accepted. Julius, the Director of Foundation Room Operations, assisted us during our short foray there and was exceptionally helpful. Although I hadn’t prepared for a location like HOB (I would have brought a continuous light source) this was still SUCH a great opportunity.  Thank you SO much to Jen and Julius for allowing us to do it.

I am super excited about their wedding in Cleveland in a few weeks. I get to work at the Ariel Pearl for the first time. I am looking forward to their day. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from their evening engagement pictures in Cleveland.

couple looking into camera for engagement pictures in cleveland a kiss at night in Cleveland engagement picture in Foundation Room of House of Bluescouple during their evening engagement pictures in clevelnad couple holding hands during evening pictures in Cleveland couple posing on east fourth cleveland during engagement pictures man kisses woman on east fourth cleveland during evening engagement pictures