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Wedding at St. Barnabas // Cleveland Wedding Photographers

Patrick and Courtney had their wedding at St. Barnabas. St. Barnabas is a modern catholic church in Northfield Ohio.

The day started for Courtney in the suites at Firestone Country Club. They would be having their wedding reception at Firestone so it was super convenient for Courtney to get ready for the wedding day there.

Patrick prepped for the day with his groomsmen at his parents house. Again, super convenient for Patrick since he stayed there the night before.

St. Barnabas is a great church just in the creative sense since it has a lot of geometry to work into compositions. Even during the wedding ceremony, which is always pretty straight forward, St. Barnabas presents more creative opportunities.

Patrick is an elementary school teacher and he incorporated some of his students in the ceremony. This was such a wonderful touch and it illustrated how much Patrick loves the children and his job. I also really liked the streamers that they used for their traditional wedding send off.

After the wedding ceremony and some important family pictures at the altar of St. Barnabas, we headed towards downtown Akron for some creative wedding pictures. It was a cloudy day so the pictures turned out dramatically. I was very happy with the outcome.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the beginning of the day and the wedding at St. Barnabas.

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