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Senior Pictures at Akron Art Museum // Cleveland Photographer

I met George for his senior pictures at Akron Art Museum. It’s always a good place to start because it’s easy to find in Akron and its a great area for pictures.

Senior Pictures Aren’t Like Anyone Else’s

George told me that he was excited for his senior pictures because, when he looked at my website, my pictures “weren’t like everyone else’s”. That was good to hear from a high school senior because that is exactly my goal. So much cliché and similarity in modern senior portrait photography. I don’t want to follow those trends. I want my clients to have pictures that they can’t get anywhere else. Something unique and different. Whereas the typical “senior portrait” is based on a preconceived aesthetic, my senior portraits are based on the individual student.

The personality of each senior dictates the way that their pictures will look. So every senior session looks different. That is my goal.

Exploring Photo Opportunities in Akron

As is my method, we walked around downtown Akron looking for interesting light and textures. The Akron Art Museum itself is truly unique so we, naturally, used that structure quite a bit. I really love the art museum and use it just about every time I’m doing photos in Akron.

One of the reasons I love doing all of my photos sessions on location is that you never know what you will find. It always makes for 100% unique senior photos. Some of the pictures that we created can never be created again due to the temporary status of some of the artwork and the actual conditions of the day. As we were walking down the street we came across some steam coming up from the street that had the perfect sunlight streaming thru it. Total timing and luck. And totally unique. That’s why I love doing all of my senior pictures on location.

It was really cold but George was great throughout. Although the session was a bit abbreviated we created some fantastic images. I want to thank George for being so great to work with and I want to thank his mom for entrusting me with his senior pictures.

Here are a few favorites from his senior session at the Akron Art Museum.

high school senior looking at ground in front of Akron Art Museum sepia senior picture at akron art museum senior picture at entryway of Akron Art Museum black and white senior picture in akron alleyway high school senior portrait shot thru passing car in Akron high school senior picture of pensive boy in Akron unique sepia senior picture in Akron