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Kennedy’s Senior Pictures // Unique Senior Photos

It was important to Kennedy and her mom that she get unique senior photos. She wanted senior pictures that didn’t look like “senior pictures”. Kennedy is a senior at Barberton High School and  I had done Kennedy’s sister’s (Olivia)  senior pictures in 2013 (6 years ago?!!). So, they had high expectations. We decided that our main goal would be to get pictures after dark.

Pictures Before Sunset

Since our goal was senior pictures after dark, I thought that we should get some images while it was still daylight. I’m glad we started when we did since it gives Kennedy a greater variety of pictures to choose from. We started right in the same area as we did Olivia about an hour before sunset. We timed it pretty well as the autumn colors were starting to pop and there was great light.

Senior Pictures at Night

We had done sunset senior for Olivia. Kennedy and her mom liked the idea of senior pictures at night. It wasn’t the usual type of senior photos that most people think of when they think of “senior pictures”, as I mentioned. They had the perfect spot picked out in downtown Barberton. Shops lined the streets and café lights criss crossed all along. It was perfect. Kennedy was so great to work with and the results speak for themself. Here are just a few of my favorites.

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