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Engagement Pictures in Akron // Cleveland Engagement Photographer

I met Dom and Cassie for their engagement pictures in Akron right in front of the Akron Civic Theater. They did an engagement session at Firestone Country Club, where their will be having their wedding reception this November, but I always like to do another one closer to the wedding day to prepare them and myself.

Including Engagement Sessions in My Wedding Service

I’ve written as to why I include an engagement session in my wedding service. Getting to know my client. Getting them comfortable in front of my camera. But doing a second one ensures that they are absolutely prepared and ready to go for pictures on their wedding day. Just getting them used to having a camera pointed at them is essential to being able to get great candid pictures. They are able to ignore me and I can capture real moments without any self consciousness on my clients part. I always say this, but the candid pictures are some of my favorite and usually they are to my clients as well. So, the engagement session is essential to this.

Engagement Pictures

However, most all engagement pictures are set up, Or “posed, for the most part. Unlike the wedding, where we are getting together for the marriage and the celebration afterwards, for an engagement session, we are meeting for the sole purpose of taking cool pictures. So, getting my client to look natural is part of the process. Again, this helps on the wedding day because they’ve already been thru the process and know what to expect.

We stay in the vicinity of the Civic Theater and got some great images. That area is teeming with local art so we incorporated that when we could.

As I mentioned, Dom and Cassie will be having their wedding and reception at Firestone Country Club. I am looking forward to documenting their day. Here are a few favorites from their engagement pictures in Akron.

couple kissing during engagement pictures in Akronengagement picture in Akron with painted catman and woman looking at camera during engagement pictures in akroncouple sitting on bench for engagement pictures in akron ohiodramatic engagement picture in akron ohioengagement picture with reflection in akron