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Engagement Pictures at Cleveland Arcade // Cleveland Photographer

When Jordan told me that she wanted some of her engagement pictures at Cleveland Arcade, two thoughts entered my mind. First, we needed to arrange to get in there. It’s not easy to get permission to do pictures in the Arcade and it’s usually pretty expensive. Jordan’s mom handled that aspect. My second thought was, what can I do to separate my Arcade pictures from everyone else’s? I always try to be as creative and original as is possible, so I felt challenged. As I mentioned in my last blog post about their engagement pictures, Jordan’s mom is a professional photographer and I’ve known her for a long time, so that added to my desire to kick it up a notch.

A Popular Venue for Pictures in Cleveland

The Cleveland Arcade is a very popular location for pictures in Cleveland. Probably one of the most photographed locations for weddings and engagement pictures in the city. Some would say it’s over photographed. So, as I’ve mentioned, I wanted to be as creative as I could be when we started. My thoughts were, just make them as dramatic as possible while trying to perfect the lighting. That approach fit right in with the dramatic location that IS the Arcade. I am very happy with the results.

Great Location in Cleveland for Pictures

The Cleveland Arcade is located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, so it’s a great spot for pictures. Because of this, we started Jordan and Adam’s engagement pictures at Wade Oval Park, which is a few miles away. By far, my favorite outdoor location for pictures in Cleveland, there are many reasons why I love Wade Oval. The pictures, below, should illustrate some of those.

Adam and Jordan will be getting married this October. I am SO excited to be a part of their wedding day and I am very much looking forward to their big day.

sepia picture of couple kissing at wade oval lagoonman kisses woman in engagement picture at wade oval park clevelandwoman laughs during engagement pictures at wade oval park cleveland

sepia picture of man kissing woman at wade oval park

couple pose for their engagement picture at Cleveland Arcade couple kissing in engagement picture at cleveland arcadecouple hugging in engagement pictures at Cleveland Arcade engagement pictures at cleveland arcade


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  1. Karen Smith

    These are great, I knew with your many years of wedding and engagement portrait experience that you were the only one we would want to capture our daughters special day!!! Love them, we had such a fun time. Love your high energy and the laughs.

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