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Engagement Photos in Cleveland // Cleveland Engagement Photography

I was super excited and a little nervous for Adam and Jordan’s engagement photos in Cleveland. I’ve known Jordan since she was around 8 years old. Her mom, Karen, is one of the best portrait photographers in Ohio. There were a lot of expectations and I had to be on my A game for sure.

Engagement Announcement

When I heard that Jordan had gotten engaged, my first thought after the joy of the announcement was, “I really hope they get in touch”. And, luckily, they did. I love it when talented people hire me. I become even more laser focused creatively, technically and just all around. I always include engagement photo sessions in my wedding coverage so this was a good opportunity to get to know Adam, get them used to being in front of my camera (even though Jordan has been photographed her whole life), and to hone my game for their wedding day.

Great Location for Pictures in Cleveland

We decided to meet for some of their engagement photos in Wade Oval Park. Jordan wanted a more pastoral setting (trees and such) and Wade Oval is one of my favorite locations for outdoor pictures in Cleveland. Meeting at the entrance of the Cleveland Museum of Art allowed us a convenient meeting location and a cool spot to start their pictures.

It rained on and off all day. I’ve written about what to do if it rains on your wedding day. But what if it rains when you have your engagement pictures scheduled? I always encourage my clients to move forward anyway. Sure, we could reschedule the engagement session but you can’t reschedule your wedding day. Doing pictures in adverse weather prepares you just in case you have inclement weather on the day of your wedding. It will give you an idea of, not just of the challenges, but what can be accomplished if we embrace the weather and think creatively. Now, if it’s a torrential downpour, there is no going out in it, but we can still find locations that enable us to carry on. Anyways, it didn’t rain. 🙂

We walked around Wade Oval Park looking for good spots of light. Jordan’s mom, being a professional photographer, pointed out some interesting ideas. I always love doing pictures in Wade Oval and the museum.

Engagement Pictures in downtown Cleveland

After Wade Oval, we headed into downtown Cleveland for some engagement pictures in the Cleveland Arcade. It’s not easy to get into the Arcade for pictures, but Jordan’s mom made it happen. The Cleveland Arcade is another one of my favorite spots for pictures in Cleveland. It is a Cleveland Icon. It is one of the more popular locations in Cleveland for wedding receptions. And it’s just a cool building. I am SO glad that we were there and we created some of my favorite pictures of the evening in the Arcade. See more of my work at the Cleveland Arcade -HERE-

We finished up with some photos on East Fourth Street. Another iconic location in Cleveland and one of the most photographed spots for weddings and other pictures. I am extremely honored to be Adam and Jordan’s wedding photographer and I am very much looking forward to their wedding day. Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement photos in Cleveland.

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