High school senior in front of Akron Civic Theater

Great Outdoor Locations for Pictures in Akron, Ohio

Outdoor Photography locations in Akron Ohio

Since I addressed the outdoor locations for Cleveland, I will share some great outdoor locations for pictures in Akron. The things that make a great photo location I discuss -HERE-. So I will get right to my favorite spots in Akron.

The first location is right in downtown Akron. Much smaller than Cleveland (and Cleveland is small), downtown Akron still has many great spots. There is the Akron Civic Theater, Baxter’s and Lock 3 (just three of my favorites spots within walking distance to each other). Each offer great opportunities for pictures. Baxter’s has always been great in allowing us to do pictures inside (as long as we have a beer or two) and their interior has an old speakeasy vibe. I’ve done pictures inside many times.  Walking around Lock 3 searching for great light always gives us great chances for interesting textures and geometrics. Getting into the Civic requires a reservation and payment, but it’s the best place in Akron and one of the best in Ohio, in my opinion.

creative picture of groom in downtown akron

Akron Northside District

Another great little spot is the Northside District. The area has been around forever being the location of Luigi’s, Akron’s most acknowledged restaurant (GREAT pizza!). Just recently the district has undergone a facelift with new businesses opening up. The vibe is great and if you look, there are great nooks all around for pictures.

See  a wedding that we photographed at Northside District -HERE-

groom picture a akron courtyard marriott

Akron Highland Square Area

The area that I know as “Akron Square” or Highland Square near the Tangier is also a great place. It is just a few minutes for downtown Akron. Although not a large area, the elements in this location is chock full of great little spaces for photography.  I prefer this area in the evening.

See a wedding reception that we photographed at the Akron Tangier -HERE-

engagement picture in front of theater in akron

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

If an outdoor, more rural location is what you’re looking for then the Cuyahoga Valley National Park that runs thru Akron is perfect. Out of the way, but busy because it is part of the National Park system, there are a plethora of locations to park and hike. The Cuyahoga River runs right thru it and, at the right time of day, gets great light. Autumn is the best time for images here. See more senior pictures here. 

See a senior portrait session that we photographed in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park -HERE-

Cuyahoga Valley park with school senior in a field with a scarf

Hale Farm & Village

Nearby and in the Cuyahoga National Park is Hale Farm and Village. The original farmstead of Jonathan Hale, it’s like traveling back in time when you are amongst the historical buildings, which make great backdrops for dramatic pictures. A very pastoral environment Hale Farm and Village is for a very specific look in pictures.

See an engagement session that we photographed at Hale Farm and Village -HERE- 

couple hugging at their engagement session at hale farm

Summit County Metro Parks

Another great location is the Metroparks in Akron. Lush and beautiful, the Akron Metroparks are perfect for pictures with a more pastoral feel of the outdoors. Andrea and Ryan did their engagement pictures in the Firestone Metropark in Akron.

couple hugging in Akron metropark

Merriman Valley

And yet another great location for outdoor pictures in Akron is the Merriman Valley. It’s a historic district near Hale Farm and has a ton of space to get great pictures. Streams and rivers, barns and farms, is such a great outdoor location.

couple kissing in outdoor engagement pictures in Akron
family picture in Merriman Valley Akron

Just a few to the great locations for pictures in Akron. A smaller scale but still a large variety, these are some of my favorites.