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Jasper & Carrie’s Beach Wedding in Huron // Cleveland Photographers

Jasper and Carrie’s beach wedding in Huron, Ohio had finally arrived. They had been engaged for over 10 years. I met Carrie at a bridal show over 6 years ago. I did their engagement pictures two years ago. It was a long time coming and the day had finally arrived.

Wedding Day in Huron

They planned on having their entire wedding day in Huron Ohio at Wild Waves Motel, one of the MANY places to have an event on Lake Erie.  Having everything at one place added to their very relaxed timeline and wedding plan. Carrie started getting ready in the Honeymoon Suite with the rest of her bridesmaids. Jasper prepared for the day across the open courtyard in one of the cabins. No rushing around. No logistical challenges. All very easy and stressfree.

Beautiful Wedding

The weather was absolutely perfect. A nice breeze blew across the property.  There was no rushing which limited the stress level that is typical on a wedding day. Once Jasper was dressed and we did some documentary photography of his preparations, we did come pictures with his groomsmen. Carrie was dressed and ready just in time for the wedding ceremony. Here are some pictures from the first part of their day and their preparations.

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