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Wedding in Cleveland: Wedding Day At Cleveland Westin

It was Andrew and Keri’s wedding day at Cleveland Westin. This was my first time photographing a wedding at the Westin so I was looking forward to it, not only for that reason, but Andrew and Keri were exceptional for their engagement session in downtown Cleveland. So, I knew this day would be great, especially regarding their wedding pictures.

Getting Ready for the Wedding At the Westin

The day started bright and early in a suite at the Westin where Keri was getting her hair and make-up done. The fact that she could get up and, literally, walk into the next room, sit down, and get pampered made the beginning of her wedding day extremely convenient for her. This reduces the natural stress of a wedding day tremendously.

Andrew was in another suite in the Westin. Again, he just had to get up and get ready. No running around. We did some creative wedding pictures right in his room before I headed back up to document more of Keri getting ready. It was great that Keri’s brother, and Andrew’s soon to be brother in law, was there to help Andrew and be in some of the pre-ceremony pictures. This was indicative of their relationship and the closeness of the families in general. I love capturing images like that.

A Great Location for Wedding Day Pictures

After Keri was in her wedding dress and we did some creative pictures in the hotel, we headed to Wade Oval Park where she would meet Andrew so that they could see each other for the first time. I write extensively about having a first look and all it’s benefits. Since Andrew and Keri were having a Jewish wedding ceremony, and seeing each other before the official ceremony is part of the process, the first look was set up so that we could get some great pictures of the moment that they first set eyes on each other. This was quite emotional and I was honored to be a part of it.

We then set out for more creative wedding pictures at Wade Oval Park with the two of them. Wade Oval is a fantastic location for wedding pictures and it is one of my favorite locations for pictures in Cleveland. It’s no wonder that on any given weekend you will see wedding parties coming and going from the park. We then went to Johnny’s Little Bar in Cleveland, Andrew and Keri’s favorite downtown Cleveland bar for some wedding pictures. It was great being able to use such a unique location for wedding pictures. These are some of my favorites from the day, although there were a lot. 🙂

It was then on to their wedding ceremony and reception at the Westin.

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