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Timeless Newborn Pictures // Cleveland Newborn Photography

Timeless Newborn Pictures. That is what my client, Nicole,  said that she wanted. As a photographers herself, she told me that “We decided to go with you (for our newborn pictures) because there are so many photographers who do the cute, trendy look. I was looking for something timeless that I could hang above the fireplace and enjoy for years to come.”

Not a Trendy Photographer

I’ve always been adverse to trends. If I chased every trend that has come and gone I would have to change my style so much that my work would have no identity. I want folks to look at my pictures and know that I took them. I see so much photography that looks the same. Why would anyone want to pay a premium for a look that they can get anywhere. That is why I was encouraged and motivated my Nicole’s words. As a photographer, she knows what she’s looking at. She has four children and has photographed them herself and has taken them to other photographers. Being able to do what I do, they way that I do it for someone that expects that is my ultimate goal. I’m lucky to have clients like Nicole and her family.

On Location Photography

Like I do with all of my clients, I met Nicole and her family where it was most convenient for them. In this case, since our main subject was her newborn daughter, Coraline, we met right in her home. I’ve discussed this many times, but doing family pictures in your home is not only most convenient, but it also increases the meaning and intimacy of the photographs. When you look back on them and realize that they were done right in your home, they are more special. And the newborn pictures are always 100% unique to you. And, since we are at their home, it is super easy to incorporate the rest of the family, which we did for Nicole.

I want to thank Nicole and her family for their trust in allowing me to document this important moment in their lives. I am looking forward to working with them more in the future. Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

cleveland newborn baby sleeping in creative picture four kids in cleveland in family portrait mom kissing newborn baby newborn baby laying on star carpet newborn baby sleeping