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Combining a Maternity Session with a Family Session

Combining a Maternity Session with a Family Session is always a great way to get the most out of one photo session. This is exactly what we did for the Scovell family, recently. I photographed Stephanie’s maternity and newborn pictures for their first child two years ago. I was honored when the contacted me to do the same for their second child.

In Home Maternity Pictures

We started their pictures in their home, again, combining a maternity session with a family session. This is very common with my service. Firstly, its most convenient for my clients. Secondly, it makes their pictures more intimate, relevant and unique. In the winter, indoors is normally the only option, anyway,  unless my clients want winter maternity pictures. On this day, there was a break in the weather so we planned on heading outdoors for more pictures.

Maternity Pictures in Wade Oval Park

We did their first maternity session in Wade Oval Park so we planned to go there again. As I mentioned, the weather was mild for this time of year so that made things much easier. Things went very well and the end result was great. Here are a couple of my favorites from their session. All went very well. Here are a few favorites.

in home maternity picture in Cleveland cleveland maternity picture with mom holding toddler maternity picture in Shaker HeightsCombining maternity pictures with family picturesmaternity picture in wade oval park mom holding bellymaternity picture at Severence Hall dad kissing mom next to toddler