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Newborn Photography in Uniontown : Baby Pictures

I traveled south for newborn photography in Uniontown. Past bridal clients, Nick and Laura had just had a beautiful daughter, Adelina, and wanted high quality baby pictures to commemorate her birth. I did Nick and Laura’s wedding at Gervasi Vineyard (-HERE-) followed by their wedding reception at Gervasi (-HERE-) A lot of folks don’t realize that I do newborn photography. They are not your typical or trendy type of pictures, however. They are my kind of pictures. I feel that folks can go most anywhere to get standard baby pictures. I want them to come to me when they want their babies portraits to be works of art. Something that they can’t get anywhere else. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of the images that I take are fairly straightforward relative to what I usually shoot. But there is always an opportunity for creativity and I believe that I was able to do that here.

Doing all photo sessions on location and with newborn sessions, in home, this makes it easy to be creative. Every clients home is different which ensures that all of my clients pictures are 100% unique (who wants their pictures to look like everyone else’s?). It’s also super convenient for mom and dad with a new baby.

Being the Christmas season, we wanted to get some pictures of Adelina in her Christmas dress. In front of the tree seemed most appropriate. She did so well and that is how we ended the session. Here are just a few of my favorites from our newborn photography in Uniontown.

baby picture of newborn in cribnewborn picture of baby in cribnewborn picture of baby on floorblack and white family newborn photography in Uniontownnewborn baby in front of christmas tree