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Olivia’s Unique Senior Portraits in Barberton // Akron Senior Photographers

Olivia and her mother wanted unique senior portraits. A senior at Barberton Hight School, Olivia wanted her senior pictures to be different from those of her classmates. That is what we do.  So we decided to incorporate evening pictures for her senior session.

Unique Senior Pictures

We met about an hour before sunset. Because all of my senior portrait session are on location, we are assured of getting unique senior photos every time. Honestly, when most people think of “senior pictures” they think of standard (boring) senior pictures that usually take place in a studio, or very basic pictures taken by a friend. We are a high end senior portrait company and we want to avoid all of the clichés. That is why we do our sessions on location.

On Location Senior Photos

We never know what were are going to encounter with on location photography. But we do know that it will be unique and different which, as I mentioned, is what Olivia wanted. We made sure that we did some sunset senior pictures. I knew of an open field on the edge of town that worked perfectly. Olivia was so great and we ended up with some great senior pictures.

I want to thank her and her mom for being so wonderful to work with. I think that we accomplished our goal of unique senior portraits. Here are a few of my favorites.

unique senior picture unique black and white senior picture in Barberton unique senior photos

senior picture at sunset
Senior picture at sunset
sunset senior picture
Sunset senior picture