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Senior Pictures in Garrettsville // Cleveland Senior Photographer

I met Theo and his mom for his senior pictures in Garrettsville, Ohio. About 45 minutes east of Cleveland, Garrettsville is a picturesque town that is just perfect for senior portrait photography.

Senior Photos in downtown Garrettsville

I would be overgeneralizing to say that most senior males are reluctant to smile in pictures, but a lot of them are (js). And most senior male’s mom want them to. This was not a problem with Theo is his senior pics. As a matter of fact, I could hardly keep Theo from NOT smiling. Not a bad thing during a senior portrait session.

As I mentioned,  Garrettsville is very picturesque. It’s almost like having a photography studio set up outdoors. Up and down the street there is so many opportunities for great senior pictures, especially pictures in fall.  We took full advantage of the area before we set off for the Portage County Airport.

Senior Pictures at an Airport

Theo is a budding pilot. One of his ideas was to get some senior pictures with an airplane (Um…YES, PLEASE!!). We waited until right around sunset for dramatic affect. This was such a cool idea and I loved the challenge. After this set of pictures we did a few more sunset pictures and the finished up with Theo and his saxophone (some of my favorite images from the day). I always love the challenge of incorporating musical instruments in senior picture since it is such a big part of the students high school experience, as it was mine.

I want to thank Theo and his mom for being SO great to work with. The session was so much fun! Here are just a few favorites from his senior pictures in Garrettsville.


Garrettsville high school senior picture by a barn high school senior picture in downtown Garrettsville sepia picture of Garrettsville high school senior Garrettsville High School senior picture by airplaneGarrettsville high school senior picture in a field garrettsville high school senior picture with saxophone