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Engagement Pictures in Wade Oval Park – Cleveland Photographer

We met Bryan and Emma’s for their engagement pictures in Wade Oval Park. They wanted more trees and leaves, as I like to reference it, so we picked Wade Oval. It’s one of my favorite locations for pictures in Cleveland, so I knew it would work for what they wanted.

Engagement Pictures in Cleveland

We met outside the Cleveland Museum of Art, which is connected to the Park. I like to start at the museum because it is a nice contrast to the park. The beautiful geometric architecture of the Museum is fantastic for photographic composition. And the bricks and mortar gives a totally different look texturally than Wade Oval. A couple of my favorite pictures were done right in front of the building.

Great Outdoor Location for an Engagement Session

We then worked our way down to the lagoon. Spring is a wonderful time for an engagement session in Cleveland. Flowers and trees are starting to bloom. The weather is getting better (but this IS Cleveland, after all 🙂 ). Emma and Bryan were really fantastic from the beginning. Getting emotional reactions, laughter and such, was not difficult at all. They definitely like to smile when they are together. This is always a good sign for their wedding day.

It started to rain a little during the session, but Bryan and Emma didn’t let it faze them at all. We utilized an umbrella that I brought, just in case, and those images turned out great. I never discourage pictures in the rain. The engagement session is, for me, a way to prepare my clients for their wedding day. The weather is the one thing that you cannot control on your wedding day so we have to look at is as an opportunity. Rain, while viewed negatively by a lot of photographers, is a great opportunity for interesting photos. And it helps to relieve any anxiety the client might have regarding inclement weather on their wedding day.

Emma and Bryan will be having their wedding at The Church on the Lake in Canton and their wedding reception at La Pizzaria. After how well they did for their engagement session, I am really looking forward to their wedding day. Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement pictures in Wade Oval Park.

Update: see their wedding in Canton and reception at La Pizzaria here

artistic black and white engagement photo at Cleveland Museum of Art engagement picture of couple hugging at Cleveland Museum of Art 2couple between trees in Wade Oval Park engagement picture couple hugging in black and white engagement picture in Wade Oval Park couple kissing amoung the trees at Wade Oval Park Cleveland couple kissing in their engagement photo at Wade Oval Park in Cleveland couple laughing in the rain in Wade Oval Park engagement photography couple looking at each other in their engagement picture at Wade Oval Park Cleveland engagement picture in the rain at Cleveland Museum of Art engagement picture with flowers in Wade Oval Park groom whispering to bride during engagement picture at Wade OVal