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Why I Include All Day Wedding Coverage

Photographing your wedding day, from beginning to end, all day, is standard and always included in our wedding coverage

I am often asked why I include all day wedding coverage as a standard feature in my photography service. I tend to have very long days, and I don’t get paid by the hour, technically. Here, I will explain my approach.

Hourly Versus All Day Coverage

Most wedding photographers offer hourly packages. This allows them to start their work days a little later. Leave a little earlier. The benefits to the client is that they can pick a coverage duration that fits their budget. I offer hourly coverage for those clients who request it. Usually, with hourly coverage, clients have to schedule their wedding day around their photographer if they want to get particular pictures. Some parts of their day simply will not be documented. Generally, when their photographer arrives they have to start with specific pictures (usually always posed pictures), stifling the real wedding day moments.

Knowing this, you must ask yourself, what part of your wedding day is NOT important enough to photograph? There is no wrong answer since it is different for every couple. 

Wedding Day Moments

With all day wedding coverage, your day can unfold naturally and I can capture all of the inherent moments. A wedding day is a strictly scheduled event with a finite amount of time. The times in between the posed pictures are the ones that I love to capture and the pictures that most of my clients love the most. The day doesn’t have to be forced and the emotions of the day can flow naturally. Then, a more complete story of your day can be told in your wedding album.

I always include a wedding album in my standard wedding coverage. I believe, strongly, that your wedding day should be presented as beautifully as is possible and that can only be done with a professionally printed and professional bound album. Your wedding album will be your first family heirloom as a married couple. Part of the legacy that you will leave behind when you’re gone. That is why you will always receive an album in my standard service.

Because the tangible result of everything that I do as a wedding photographer is a wedding album, including all day coverage gives me added incentive to take more pictures that you will have to put into your album. I always tell potential clients, “It is my job to take SO many great pictures, that you will HAVE to put them into your wedding album. And, it is YOUR job to resist that.” )

Does a photographer that offers only digital files have any additional incentive to take more pictures than they have to? Think about that for a minute.

You never know when the most intimate moment of your wedding day will be. It could be early morning with your bridesmaids while getting your hair done. Or, it could be with your mother while you are putting on your wedding dress. It could be later in the evening during the reception. With standard all day coverage, I will be there to capture every moment for you.

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