Traditional Wedding Pictures

What are traditional wedding pictures and why I do them

traditional wedding portrait of bride on altar

Customary Wedding Photos

As a wedding photographer that has been creating wedding photos for over two decades, I have seen a lot of photographic wedding trends come and go. But the one thing that has been a constant is the importance of traditional wedding photos. On this page, I would like to give you my definition of what a traditional wedding picture is and why I still continue to do them and always will

Tradition in Wedding Photography

The most basic description of a customary wedding picture is one in which the subject is standing static and aware of the camera. This type of photo has been done since the invention of the camera. In its purest sense, it is a way to make a historical documentation of the subject being photographed. 

And, although these types of pictures are very basic, technically, and are very easy to create, they are extremely important. 

When people began photographing weddings, this was THE purpose of taking the pictures. As wedding photographers began to expand the approach, creativity and technical acquity enabled wedding photographers to offer more variety. As technology advanced, and photographers were able to take pictures in more challenging lighting situations, photographers became even more creative and eventually began capturing moments as they happened.

 These pictures, known by most as candids or as the photojournalistic style, really began during World War 2 but didn’t become popular among wedding photographers until the 1980’s. The camera technology increased exponentially as did film technology. Photographers were now able to take pictures of moving subjects. So the palette that photographers had increased and allowed them to offer more variety. 

But the historical documentation aspect never waivered. Even with many of the most ardent photojournalists. 

traditional wedding picture of bride at Glenmoor Country Club
traditional photo of bride in Cleveland

Classic Wedding Portraiture

I started my career as a wedding photographer as a classic portraitist. As my career moved along and I progressed and my natural desire to evolve developed, I expanded to a more and more photojournalistic style with a portraiture flair. But I always kept doing the traditional wedding portraits because my clients always wanted them.  So, I guess you can surmise that part of my continuing to do classic bridal portraits is because it was market driven. But it was also because these type of pictures are such an important part of documenting a wedding day. So that I why I will continue to do them. 

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traditional wedding portrait of couple at Glenmoor Country Club
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Traditional Wedding Pictures in Cleveland