Weddings & Events at Mapleside Farms

couple hugging after wedding proposal at Mapleside Farms

Mapleside Farms is a great venue for a more rural wedding or event. Wedding proposals take place there as well.

According to their website, “Tucked neatly on the north end of the farm, this picturesque venue combines Maplesideʼs incredible views of the orchard with its hidden 80-foot waterfall.

“The Waterfall” will have its own private ceremony area allowing you and your guests to experience these amazing views like never before. Kelly Clement says, “This is our favorite part of the property because you feel like you are in a completely separate world where the orchard melts together with the rustic north end of our property. The waterfall has always been a big secret for visitors and no one really knew it even existed. Weʼre super excited to bring this to life!”

Mapleside Farms

294 Pearl Road

Brunswick Ohio 44212