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Wedding Vendor Spotlight // Gold Leaf Calligraphy

I had the pleasure of photographing fellow wedding colleague, Jade Yurick of Gold Leaf Calligraphy. Jade and I will be participating in the Beloved Bridal show at the Akron Art Museum so I figured this would be a great way to meet her and get to know her.

Jade has been doing hand lettering for years and decided to take the plunge two years ago to make her art a business.  She was inspired to pursue wedding calligraphy after assisting with a friends wedding.

When I asked Jade when she created her favorite piece she said ” each piece is my favorite and my most hated.” Any artist can relate to that comment. She continued. “I love them while I have them, but it feels 10x better when I give it away knowing someone else loves it just as much…I am constantly looking to grow and be a true Master Penman. FYI, there are only 11 in the world who hold that title.”

When asked about her attraction to weddings, she states, ” Weddings are like stepping into a fairy tale for me.  A moment that is built up for most little girls from the first time they hear the story of Cinderella.  An event so beautiful in which you meet your one true love it changes your life forever. I look at each wedding as a chance to learn a new love story. And I love cake.”

When I was trying to decide the ideal location for our photo session, the first place that came to mind was O’Neil House in Akron. It was perfect for my vision of a calligrapher. My goal was to do more than a simple head shot. I wanted to create the essence of the artist at work. O’Neil House was perfect for this. Gayle, the owner and proprietor, was extremely gracious to allow us to use O’Neil House and I can’t thank her enough.

Jade’s work is beautiful and she was a joy to work with. Her future is bright and I’m so glad that I was able to meet her at this stage in her journey. Jade resides in Norton, Ohio with her husband, Mike and two children, Leila and Lucas (all Star Wars fans 🙂 ).

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together at O’Neil House in Akron, Ohio.

cleveland caligrapher writing at O'Neil House in Akron akron calligrapher working on wedding invitations at O'Neil House wedding calligrapher penning paper at O'Neil House Akron wedding calligrapher working at O'Neil House Akron wedding detail with calligraphycalligraphy wedding detail at Akro O'Neil Housewoman reading book in Akron O'Neil House