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Wedding Reception at Tanglewood Country Club

The thing that I recall most about Katie and Brian’s wedding day and reception at Tanglewood is joy and laughter. All day there were smile and fun. That is why I’m featuring their wedding in this flashback. That and to show some love to Tanglewood County Club who did a great job of taking care of them and their guests all night.

Wedding in Cleveland

Katie and her ladies started their day with hair and make-up at her mom’s house. This is always ideal for a number of reasons. First, it’s convenient for everyone, especially for Katie. She can stay there the night before, get up and not have to do any running around. I’ve spoken and written about this many, many times, but being able to get ready where you stayed the night before your wedding makes the beginning of your day much more convenient and stress free. Another reason why I liked this is because the location had meaning. When Katie looks back on her wedding pictures, they will be even more meaningful since they took place at a meaningful location.

Brian and his guys prepared for the day at the Hampton Inn at Solon. Again, more convenient and makes the groom’s day start easier and less stressful. I liked being about to explore the hotel for good areas for wedding photos. Brian and his guys were great to work with and we were able to get some great pictures.

The moments that took place as Katie was getting ready are some of my favorite pictures from the day. I, particularly, love the image of Katie’s dad getting ready with her wedding dress in the foreground.

After their wedding ceremony at Communion of Saints Parish in Cleveland, and some formal wedding pictures at the alter, we decided to do the majority of their creative wedding pictures at Tanglewood. This allowed us a little more time since we were at the reception location already. It was a gorgeous day for the majority of the wedding day, but clouds rolled in as the reception time neared. I used this to our advantage to get some dramatic wedding pictures on the course of Tanglwood. It started to rain just as we were finishing up.

Wedding Reception at Tanglewood

Brian and Katie had a TON of personal wedding reception details throughout Tanglewood. I love seeing so much thought and personal touches put into a wedding day. It adds to the intimacy and meaningfulness that I’ve mentioned. Tanglewood is just big enough to hold a large group of wedding guests (up to 200 guests in their Grand Ballroom according to their website) but it still feels intimate. The crescendo of the evening lead to a balloon drop which was very cool and exciting to photograph.

Brian and Katie were fantastic to work with throughout their wedding planning process and I want to thank them for being so wonderful. Cleveland wedding dj’s Marino Brothers made sure that the party jumped all night and the staff at Tanglewood were wonderful. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the wedding day.groom's wedding day cigars groom tying his bowtie at hampton in solonwedding day picture of groom without jacket

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