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Wedding Reception at Gervasi Vineyard

Having their wedding reception at Gervasi Vineyard after their wedding ceremony there, Nick and Laura simply had to do some obligatory family pictures and they could then join their wedding guests for cocktail hour. Having a wedding day first look enabled them to get most of their wedding pictures finished so that they could enjoy time with their wedding guests.

They had their reception in The Pavilion at Gervasi. On this beautiful summer day this was perfect. Trees in the background as the various wedding party gave their reception speeches. A slight breeze blowing thru as Nick and Laura had their first dance. And it only got better as the night went on. Another nice thing about a wedding reception at Gervasi is that, for outdoor wedding pictures, you simply take a few steps in either direction.

On this night, we had an exceptionally dramatic and beautiful sunset. I rushed to grab Nick and Laura and we ended up with a beautiful wedding day sunset picture. All in all a very beautiful day.

I want to thank Nick and Laura for allowing me to photograph their wedding day. Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding reception at Gervasi Vineyard . 

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