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Wedding in Merriman Valley // Akron Wedding Photographers

  • Post published:September 28, 2020
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Merriman Valley Wedding Day

The day was perfect for a wedding in Merriman Valley in Akron, Ohio. A gorgeous sunny day, I was looking forward to Joe and Ashley’s wedding.

Bridesmaids and Motorbikes

Joe is an avid motorcyclist. He is a member of the Greater Akron Motorcycle Club. The G.A.M.C. is located in the Merriman Valley. They have been in existence for over 100 years! Joe and Ashley decided that they wanted to get married right here at the club. A very laid back and relaxed day, the location was perfect for that sort of vibe. They both prepared for their day in the clubhouse. Members helped them set up the space and take care of all of the wedding details. It was a family atmosphere that carried on throughout the day. Such a great group of people.

Awesome Wedding Aisle

After they both were geared up and ready to go, it was time to get married! The site of the ceremony was on the property,  but a bit of a walk. The aisle that the bride would walk down was made up entirely of motorcycles. How cool is that!! It was such a great thing that so many members and wedding guests showed up early enough and allowed their bikes to be used. So cool. Because of the distance to the ceremony site,  Ashley’s brother drove her over to the site on his motorcycle. Another really cool and unique touch.

Here are just a few favorites for the beginning of Joe and Ashley’s wedding in Merriman Valley Akron.

wedding at greater akron motorcycle club man preparing for wedding at in Merriman Valley bridesmaid preparing for wedding in Merriman Valley Akron man prepping wedding iAkron's Merriman Valley man wiping face before wedding at Greater Akron Motorcycle club man prepping barbeque for merriman valley wedding man cooking food at Akron Merriman Valley wedding man exiting Greater Akron Motorcycle Club hand sanitizer at wedding in Akron bride getting hair done at Merriman Valley wedding close up of bride getting hair done wedding dress at akron wedding wedding dress detail details of wedding dress in Akron sign in book at Akron Merriman Valley wedding details of Merriman Valley Wedding wedding ceremony signage table centerpiece at merriman valley wedding groom getting dressed groom adjusting tie picture of groom before his wedding in Merriman Valley Akron bride getting ready for her wedding in Merriman Valley Akron bride in wedding picture in Akron wedding picture of bride at Greater Akron Motorcycle Club greater akron motorcycle club weddinga motorcycle vest at akron wedding wedding aisle of motorcyclesa man taking pictures at wedding ceremony in Merriman Valley wedding guests at wedding in akron man passing out beer at merriman valley wedding little girl at akron wedding groom arriving with groomsmen at wedding in Merriman Valley bridesmaids walking to akron wedding ceremony a little flower girl during outdoor wedding ceremony bride riding to akron wedding ceremony on a motorcycle bride walking down aisle at akron wedding rear view of bride walking down aisle at akron wedding