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Steve & Kristy’s Wedding Day in North Ridgeville // Cleveland Photographer

Yesterday was Steve and Kristy’s wedding day in North Ridgeville, Ohio.  I’ve been friends with Kristy for quite a long time so I was looking forward to this day.

Getting Ready in North Ridgeville

Kristy and her bridesmaids started their day with hair and make-up at Arz Hair Salon in North Ridgeville. Her bridesmaids were her daughter Kali and her stepdaughter Katie. Steve’s groomsmen were his two sons David and Paul. I really like that this was their wedding party set up. It made it more of a family event. Steve prepared for the day with David and Paul at their house. A great convenience for the men. It was a super hot day so the fact that they didn’t have to do any running around made for a much more comfortable day for them.

Hot Wedding Day

In Fact, it was so hot that I really didn’t want to do any pictures outside unless absolutely necessary. Typically I  would try to do a good portion of pictures outside on a nice day, but the heat was oppressive. I didn’t want Steve, Kristy and the kids getting unduly discomforted before the ceremony even begins. So I did all of the bridal party and family pictures indoors.

Once everyone was dressed and ready to go, we waited in the house until it was time for the wedding ceremony. Sticking to their family oriented, intimate wedding day plan, they had their wedding day right next door on their neighbors property, which was perfect for a wedding. Here are just a few of my many favorites from the beginning of their wedding day in North Ridgeville.


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