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Wedding Day in Mayfield Ohio // Cleveland Wedding Photographers

  • Post published:October 13, 2019
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Tony and Sandra had beautiful weather for their wedding day in Mayfield, Ohio. We have been planning for their big day for over a year, with an engagement session ( two sessions, actually) and timeline meeting and today was the day.

Sandra started the day bright and early and John Roberts Spa in Mayfield Heights. The staff at John Roberts did an excellent job of taking care of Sandra and it was nice to see all of her ladies with her.

Tony prepared for their wedding day in their new house. I remember meeting with them to plan their wedding day timeline and they had put an offer on that house that very evening. It was cool being part of that progression.

After Tony was ready, Sandra had a letter for him to read and gifts for the groomsmen. Sandra knows them darn well. Right before the gifts were distributed the guys were wonder who picked up some cigars without know that it was Sandra who would be providing them in her gifts to them. Tony, in turn, had a letter for Sandra which made for a great photo moment.

Back at Sandra’s parents house, the bride and her bridesmaids finished up getting ready. I always love photographing a wedding day in the house that the bride grew up in. This makes the wedding pictures extra special. Plus, emotions run high and spill over when the weight of what is about to happen hits the bride or, in this case, Sandra’s mom.

It was a beautiful start to a beautiful day. Here are just a few favorites from the beginning of Tony and Sandra’s wedding day in Mayfield Ohio.

I will be posting more pictures throughout the week, including their wedding ceremony at St. Clare Church and their wedding ceremony at LaMalfa in Mentor.

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