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Wedding Day in Chagrin Falls

  • Post published:January 1, 2018
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Meredith started her wedding day in Chagrin Falls at her parents house. She and Alex would be having their wedding ceremony at Parkside Church and their wedding reception at Cleveland Renaissance Hotel. I loved Meredith’s decision to stay at her parents house, get up the morning of her wedding day, and get her hair and make-up done there. It is easier for her and her bridesmaids and it is more intimate, since she grew up in the house. As always, Lindsay London did an awesome job with Meredith’s and all of the ladies make-up.

Meredith was ready for this day. I documented her sister, Stephanie’s, wedding just 18 or so months ago and her and Alex had two engagement sessions, one at the downtown Cleveland Hilton, the other around downtown. They were ready to rock.

It was a snowy day, which is exactly what Alex and Meredith wanted but it was also extremely cold.  A December wedding usually means cold and snow and that’s the point, but the extreme cold did present some challenges.

Leaving my assistant, Kim, with Meredith and her ladies, I met Alex and his guys at the Bertram Inn and Conference Center. Alex had all of his guys and his dad there so this added to a more eventful morning and more meaningful pictures. They could hang out, interact and enjoy their time together. Again, good for pictures.

Here are some of my favorites from the early part of their wedding day. I will post some images from their ceremony, some creative wedding pictures around Cleveland afterward, and their epic reception at Cleveland Renaissance tomorrow.

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