You are currently viewing David & Barbara Jean’s Wedding Day at Gervasi Vineyard // Cleveland Photographer

David & Barbara Jean’s Wedding Day at Gervasi Vineyard // Cleveland Photographer

David and Barbara’s Jean’s wedding day at Gervasi Vineyard had finally arrived. Barbara Jean is from Kentucky via Texas but decided to have her wedding at Gervasi because David is from the area.

Wedding at Gervasi

One huge advantage of having your wedding at Gervasi is, not only are there villas that you can stay and get ready in, but the villas are GORGEOUS.  They are a bit of a challenge for photography but that exactly suits my style. A warmth envelopes each area of the villas that I just love.

Barbara Jean and her bridesmaids began their day with hair and make-up in one suite, while David, who arrived a bit later, prepared in a suite right across the common room. Keeping them from seeing each other before the scheduled time to do so was the only minor challenge to their morning.

Once they were dressed and ready to go, they decided to see each other before their wedding ceremony, sometimes referred to as a first look.This allowed them to have more time together on their wedding day and to take care of obligatory wedding pictures beforehand so that they could later enjoy their wedding reception.

The wedding ceremony took place on the patio of the Galleria Sophia at Gervasi. All went well and all was beautiful. Gervasi Wedding Reception.

Gervasi Wedding Reception

Mobile Jams Entertainment kept the dance floor full all night. The staff at Gervasi was outstanding, as always. A super fun night. David and Barbara Jean ended the night with a sparkler exit.  I want to thank them both for allowing me to document their wedding day. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from their wedding day at Gervasi Vineyard.

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