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Wedding Day at Firestone // Akron Wedding Photographers

  • Post published:November 12, 2018
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Dom and Cassie faced a frigid wedding day at Firestone this weekend. Temperatures dipping into the 20’s could be a challenge when having a wedding and reception at a country club. I love photo sessions in winter.  But, I want to keep the bride and groom as relaxed and comfortable as possible. So we weren’t going to go out too much. With their well thought out and organized wedding planning, it had little affect on the outcome of their wedding pictures, overall.

Wedding and Reception at Firestone Country Club

Having their wedding and reception at Firestone eliminated the logistics that normally would make a wedding day a bit hectic. Also, getting ready there made it that much more convenient for them. You can have an outdoor wedding ceremony there but on a cold day like today, the Lodge is perfect.  Firestone, really, is perfect for an all inclusive wedding.

Cassie and her ladies prepared for the day in the ladies locker room. The locker room is really a bridal suite. A large lounge area with chairs and a sofa. A make-up area that is, essentially, all mirrors and lights. It’s perfect for the bride. Cassie had a ton of wedding details and I was able to document most of those right there.

Dom and his guys prepped in the men’s locker room. The huge men’s locker room is even more convenient. A very large lounge area with a tv, multiple pieces of furniture are at the center of the many suites that are there for overnight stays. Again, perfect for having an entire wedding day there.

Wedding Pictures

On a winter day like this, Firestone is also perfect for indoor wedding pictures.We definitely wanted to do some pictures outside, but we kept those to a minimum. The Clubhouse at Firestone is so spacious and has so many different areas to work, we are still able to get variety and not have to go outside. One of the many reasons that Firestone is one of my favorite wedding venues in Akron.

Here are a few of my favorites from the first half of Dom and Cassie’s wedding day at Firestone.

Be sure to check out the gorgeous florals by Pam’s Posies and Cassie’s incredible dress from All Brides Beautiful 

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