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Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Gervasi Vineyard

If you are considering a wedding and reception in the Akron / Canton area, Gervasi Vineyard is one of the most popular venues in the area. Keili and John’s wedding day is a good example of what can be accomplished by having your entire wedding day at Gervasi.

Wedding and Reception All in One Place

John and Keili decided to have all of their wedding day festivities at Gervasi. Their aim was convenience for themselves, their wedding party, and their guests. Gervasi has suites that can be reserved on wedding days, so convenience is a huge factor in following John and Keili’s example.

They both prepared for their wedding day at Gervasi. Keili had her hair and make-up done in the villa that she and John had reserved for the weekend. All she had to do on her wedding day was get up and get pampered. Her ladies were with her in the morning. I always like this because it increases the likelihood of intimate moments with bridesmaids, family and friends. A big bonus…the Gervasi villas is that light is fantastic. I love the warm tones that are natural in these rooms and always get great wedding images here.

John prepared in what was, essentially, the bride’s holding area before the wedding ceremony. This was easier for him as he had fewer people with him when he was getting ready. We still had great light and it went well.

The wedding took place in the Pavilion at Gervasi. This is the most popular location for wedding ceremonies as it is covered. If there is inclement weather no alternative plans need to be made other than enclosing the pavilion with the drop down tarps. It’s also nice because, on a wedding day like today, where it was nice and sunny, it stays relatively cool. The ceremony was beautiful. Afterwards, we did some standard family pictures and some creative wedding images in Gervasi’s vineyard until it was time for introductions at the reception.

Wedding Receptions at Gervasi Are Always Unique

Having the wedding reception in the same location as the ceremony made it super easy for Keili and John’s wedding guests. They could enjoy the delicious hor ‘dourves prepared by the staff at Gervasi and have a drink while we took care of the obligatory wedding day photos. Once the room is ready, a few steps and they were at their table.

The night was fantastic and John and Keili were so great to work with. I want to thank them for allowing me to document their wedding day and for being so great to work with. I want to thank the staff at Gervasi Vineyard for taking care of the bride and groom and their guests. Here are a few favorite pictures from the day.

wedding dress in gervasi vineyard suitewedding dress detail brides shoes in gervasi vineyard suite bride getting wedding make up at gervasi vineyard wedding make up application before wedding at gervasi vineyard bride getting veil before her wedding at Gervasi Vinyard fluffing the veil at Gervasi Vineyard wedding wedding portrait with reflection of bride at Gervasi Vineyard adjusting wedding dress in suite at Gervasi wedding black and white wedding portriat of bride at Gervasi Vineyard detail wedding picture of brides shoes in suite at Gervasi Vineyard bridesmaids laughing at wedding at Gervasi in Canton wedding picture of bride outside at Gervasi Vineyard bride laughing next to Ferrari at Gervasi Vineyard groom picture at Gervasi Vineyard wedding groom getting ready for wedding at Gervasi groom dressing for his wedding at Gervasi Vineyard black and white wedding picture of groom at Gervasi dramatic wedding picture of groomsmen at Gervasi Vineyard  bride waking to her wedding ceremony at Gervasi Vineyard bride with dad before wedding ceremony at Gervasi  bride walking down aisle at Gervasi wedding ceremony Groom smiling at bride during wedding ceremony at Gervasi Vineyard bride and groom laughing after their wedding at Gervasi dramatic wedding picture at Gervasi Vineyard Maid of honor speech at Gervasi Vineyard wedding reception speech by maid of honor at wedding reception at Gervasi Vineyard bride and groom walk recessional at Gervasi Vineyard wedding ceremony  wedding reception centerpiece at Gervasi Vineyard reception  wedding cake at wedding reception at Gervasi  bride dancing at her wedding reception at Gervasi Vineyard wedding reception at Gervasi Vineyard close up of bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception at Gervasi