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What Does “Reasonably Priced” Really Mean? // Wedding Budgeting

What does “reasonably priced” really mean in wedding budgeting. I recently had a great conversation about this with another respected wedding professional and it made me think.

A Reasonably Priced Wedding Service for One Person is…

“Reasonably priced” is relative to each couple. To Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet, reasonably priced for, lets say a watch, could be $20,000. He is worth billions so $20,000 for a watch is reasonable to him. For someone that makes, lets say, $40,000 per year, half of their years salary for a watch would definitely not be reasonable.

When it comes to wedding budgeting for services and items, this relative terminology is true and probably even more important. A wedding will be a historical event, the importance of which is different to each couple. To my clients, having a wonderful wedding is very important. Having great photography, obviously, is one of their top priorities.

When wedding couples are setting their wedding budget, how much they will pay for their wedding photography is relative to what they have set for their overall budget and how much of that budget they have assigned for their wedding photographer.

Wedding Budget Percentage

There are a ton of different wedding resources that will advise to the percentage to set aside for each wedding vendor. These are percentages based on averages within their own research. These percentages are relative to the importance each couple holds for each wedding service. To some of my clients, the percentage of their overall wedding budget set aside for photography is much lower based on their overall budget, making my service “reasonably priced” to them based on their set budget. To others, the percentage is much higher but still “reasonably priced” based on the importance that they place on their wedding photography. So, although the overall percentage of their wedding budget going towards their wedding photography is higher, it is still reasonable to them because their photography is one of their top priorities.

To others, my minimum price may not seem reasonable to them. Does that mean that wedding photography is not important to them? Not necessarily. But it does mean that, based on their overall wedding budget, and the importance they assign to each wedding service based on that budget, my price for wedding photography isn’t reasonable to them. The same goes for all other wedding vendors. Flowers might be the top priority for some brides, so they will assign a higher percentage of their wedding budget for flowers. Or it might be their reception entertainment. It’s all up to each individual couple.

So, when someone uses the term “reasonably priced”, that term is different for each couple. That is why it is important to see if we can get a range in budget when determining each couple’s definition of “reasonable”. That is why, on the price page on my website, I list my minimum service and the price range. Potential clients can see if that range is within their set wedding budget and decide how important that service is to them so that they can facilitate a larger percentage (or smaller) of that budget towards my wedding service.

However, being able to thoroughly explain my service can help you decide whether I am reasonable. That is why it is very important for you to speak with each of your potential wedding vendors, face to face. Or, at least, on the phone. Your wedding is too important to base a service solely on numbers on a screen.

More than Just the Numbers

Are the numbers important? Of course they are. They are very important. But being able to justify those numbers will help you find the best, most experienced, and most qualified wedding professionals around.  There is no better way to do that than to speak to us. If, after a conversation, you feel good about me and my numbers, then we can schedule a face to face meeting. This is important for all of your wedding services. Most especially with a wedding photographers, wedding coordinators, DJs and officiants.

Again, your wedding day is too important. Seek out those vendors that have been referred to you or who attract you in your online search. Research their website and online information thoroughly. Speak to them on the phone. Meet with them face to face. Only then will you be able to determine whether they are “reasonably priced” based on your budget and how important their service is to you.