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Wedding at St. Hilary in Fairlawn, Ohio / Cleveland Wedding Photographers

JC and Abby prepared for their wedding at St. Hilary a their parents house. I love when clients do this, especially when it’s the house that they grew up in.

First, it’s convenient. They stay in a location that they are completely comfortable with. This eases some of the stress that is typical on a wedding day and allows me to get great candid photos.

Secondly, it adds an additional layer of intimacy to the wedding pictures. If I can get photos of the bride getting ready in a room where she ran around in as a child, this adds emotional depth to any pictures that are taken. I’m also able to do creative wedding pictures that are more meaningful.

St. Hilary is a nice little catholic church in Fairlawn, Ohio. I love the foyer at the entrance and always try to do creative wedding pictures there whenever possible. However, one of my favorite pictures from JC and Abby’s wedding is in a small, nondescript room to the side of the sanctuary where they waited after the ceremony. Some of the best locations are the simplest.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the first part of JC and Abby’s day and their wedding at St. Hilary.

bride prepping wedding dress for ceremony at St. Hilary brides wedding day shoes  reflection of dad in mirror on her wedding day bride prepping make up on wedding day bride getting make up done in her home make up artist putting lipstick on bride groom getting dressed on his wedding day wedding day picture of groom with groomsmen black and white picture of mom crying with bride bride putting on her wedding dress bride laughing while putting her wedding dress bride putting on her earrings bride laughing in wedding picture  program at wedding at St. Hilary  dad watching groom walk down aisle groom hugging dad at wedding ceremony at St. Hilary  dad walking bride down aisle at St. Hilary  mom reaching out to touch bride as she walks down aisle bride smiling at groom at wedding at St. Hilary bride and groom lighting unity candle first kiss at wedding at St. Hilary creative wedding picture at St. Hilary