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Wadsworth Senior Pictures // Akron Senior Portrait Photographers

I’ve done a lot of Wadsworth senior pictures over the years. Yesterday might have topped them all. I met Kendall at her house to start her session there. Previously I did Kendall’s sister, Alexia, and her brother, Derek’s senior pictures. Kendall is Spencer Photography’s first Class of 2019 Senior Portrait Representative. Her job, basically, is to share with the world how great Spencer Photography is 😛 .

All of my senior portrait sessions are on location. This makes it convenient for my clients but it also makes the pictures 100% unique. If you go to a portrait studio in front of a backdrop or to their “groomed landscapes”,  your pictures will look just like everyone else’s. My clients want unique pictures so this strategy works out perfectly for them. Kendall’s senior pictures are a great example of the diversity that’s possible with senior images.

My goal for photo sessions is always to find great light. In a home that is typically near a window.  We did quite a bit in Kendall’s house, most of which were pretty dramatic. We were then off the The Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth for pictures inside. Kendall’s mom had arranged for us to do pictures there since the weather was so bad. We did end up going out in the cold and doing some images. And as soon as we stepped outside it started snowing (BONUS!!). Such luck! We need to thank Tony, a manager at the Galaxy Restaurant for being so accommodating. He was great.

Here are some images from her senior portrait session. Be sure to leave Kendall some love in the Facebook Comments section below and feel free to share with your friends 🙂 .

wadsworth high school senior sitting in chair dramtically lit high school senior picture

dramatic light senior picture

high school senior in triple reflectionwadsworth high school senior in Galaxy wine roomsmiling wadsworth senior in Galaxy restauranthigh school senior portrait in wadsworthhigh school senior leaning on bar at Galaxy Restaurantwadsworth high school senior in snowwadsworth high school senior in letterman jacket