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Surprise Birthday Party // Cleveland Event Photographers

  • Post published:August 19, 2019
  • Post category:Events

I had the honor of documenting a very special day for my client, Sheila. She was organizing a surprise birthday party for her father, Jerome, and booked me to document it.

Sherwin-Gilmore Event Center

The party was planned at the Sherwin Gilmore Event Center in Mayfield Heights. The plan was to tell Jerome that they would be attending a friends birthday party at Sherwin-Gilmore, who’s big day coincided with the night of the party. This was the perfect plan as Jerome wouldn’t suspect a thing.

Surprise Birthday Party

The family did an AWESOME job of prepping the venue. It was gorgeous. As the time approached, all of the guests and vendors waited silently as Jerome and his wife, Dorthy, entered. It looked to me that Jerome had no idea. So much fun taking part in the surprise.

Family Honors Patriarch

As the festivities began, one big part of the evening was some of Jerome’s grandchildren performing and giving speeches. Also, friends who were brave enough for public speaking were invited to share some words. This was touching to me, showing that Jerome had a lot of friends and family that loved him very much.

I want to thank Sheila for entrusting me with this very important milestone in her father’s and her families life. Here are a few pictures from the evening.

birthday cake for surprise party suprise birthday cake topper table centerpiece at Sherwin-Gilmore Event Center surprise birthday party banner guest of honor arrives at his surprise party guest of honor reacts to his surprise birthday party guest of honor laughing while entering surprise birthday party deacon gives prayer at Sherwin-GIlmore Event Center young boy playing piano at surprise birthday party grandfather reacts to grandchilds performance at Sherwin-GIlmore Event Center grandaughter performs at grandfather surprise party grandaughter dances at her grandfathers surprise party grandson honors grandfather grandmother listening to speeches at Sherwin GIlmore Event Center  husband listening to wife give speech at Sherwin-GIlmore Event Center  friend giving speeach at surprise birthday party suprise birthday party guest gives speech at Sherwin-GIlmore family dances at Sherwin-GIlmore Event Center guests dancing at Sherwin-Gilmore Event Center guest of honor dancing at his party at Sherwin Gilmore event center party at Sherwin Gilmore Event Center