You are currently viewing Aidan’s Senior Pictures in the Cleveland Flats // Cleveland Senior Photographer

Aidan’s Senior Pictures in the Cleveland Flats // Cleveland Senior Photographer

I knew we were going to get great pictures when Aidan said that he wanted his senior pictures in the Cleveland Flats. Any time my senior client themselves come up with ideas, I know that they are giving a lot of thought to their senior photos. That means they care. I like working for clients that care about their pictures as much as I do. I’m able to be as creative as possible so that we can get one of a kind senior pictures.

Senior Photos in the Cleveland Flats

The Flats in Cleveland is a great location for industrial type senior pictures. The Flats started out as a port and industrial center in Cleveland. It was later developed into a commercial area with bars, restaurants and apartment complexes. The mix of old and new is what makes the area so interesting. The textures and light that are all around in the Cleveland Flats are great elements to include in senior photos and make them more unique. Aidan was all about walking around the Flats and finding great spots for his pictures.

Moving around the Flats For Unique Senior Pictures

I met Aidan at the Flat Iron Café in the Flats. I have to say, it was just about the perfect location for industrial senior pictures. Everywhere that you turned there was a quality spot. Plus you can see the downtown Cleveland skyline clearly albeit from a different perspective. Right by the Flat Iron there was an staircase that is used as an emergency exit that made an awesome compositional element for a series of Aidan’s pics. There is a huge bridge in the is directly next to that spot. It really was the perfect spot.

We then walked around the area and found more posts. One area was a drawbridge that sits across the Cuyahoga River. Painted a burnt reddish color, it was taylormade for pictures.

Senior Pics in Downtown Cleveland

We then moved to downtown Cleveland. There is a spot at the entrance of Playhouse Square that I always wanted to use. Playhouse Square and the now iconic chandelier is such a beautiful area that it usually always takes precedent when deciding where to take pictures in downtown. But this spot was perfect. Buildings in the background. Traffic as well. It communicated exactly what we wanted it to for theses senior pics.

We let it get dark and finished up with pictures on Cleveland East Fourth Street. One of the most popular areas in Cleveland for pictures, it really is a must to get photographs there. Especially at night when it’s all lit up.

Aidan was great to work with. I want to thank him and his parents for allowing me to document his senior pictures. Here are just a few of the many favorites that I had.

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