You are currently viewing Jana & Brian’s Rainy day engagement pictures at Severance Hall

Jana & Brian’s Rainy day engagement pictures at Severance Hall

Jana and Brian had rainy day engagement pictures at Severance Hall in Cleveland yesterday. We spoke before their session and agreed that, it’s possible that it could rain on their wedding day. And you can’t reschedule the wedding because of rain. So we decided to go ahead with their engagement pics  regardless of the weather.

Pictures at Severance Hall

We decided to start at Severance Hall because there is an entryway, exterior foyer that would protect us from the rain. Since having an umbrella is always fun in pictures, and necessary when raining, we used that when we weren’t under shelter, which happed to be the first series of images that I took.  From the start, Brian and Jana were fantastic. Very comfortable with each other and great in front of my camera. Exactly what we need for successful wedding day pictures. The rain, actually, turned out to be an asset to us.

Pictures at Cleveland Museum of Art

After pictures at Severance Hall, we then went over to the entrance to the Cleveland Museum of Art because they also have an overhang at their entrance that would protect Jana and Brian from the rain. The weather improved, however, and allowed us a little more flexibility for our location and requiring shelter from the rain.

Overall a very good engagement session. I am very excited for their wedding this August at the Akron Art Museum. Here are a few of my favorites.

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