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Proposal at Manawaiopuna Falls, Kauai – Cleveland Photographer

Sean’s raison d’etre in Kauai was to propose to Yifan. He had a once in a lifetime idea to have the proposal take place at Manawaiopuna Falls, a very remote location on Kauai that just recently started allowing visitors to the spot.

Proposal at Jurassic Falls

Also known as “Jurassic Falls” due to its prominence in the 1993 Steven Spielburg movie “Jurassic Park”, Manawaiopuna Falls is extremely remote and only accessible by helicopter. So, just getting there is a challenge. But to propose to your girlfriend as well, that takes some doing. Sharing their chopper ride with another couple, Sean and Yifan had to make it to the base of the falls before the other couple made it there. So, really, Sean only had a few minutes to complete his task (The pressure!!). The waterfall creates its own micro weather pattern, slight wind gusts with mist from the falls creating the effect of rain (see water droplets on picture below).

Because the location is so remote, anyone that sets foot outside the helicopter must wear protective shoe coverings. This keeps the visitors from bringing exotic plant spores back to the inhabited areas of the island. That is the reason you see them on Sean and Yifan’s feet in the pictures.

A Once in a Lifetime Marriage Proposal

The once in a lifetime marriage proposal went beautifully. I want to congratulate Sean and Yifan on their engagement and I’m looking forward to documenting their wedding in 2022. Here is the proposal at Manawaiopuna Falls.


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