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Past Bridal Clients // Newborn Photographer in Cleveland

Not too many people view me as a newborn photographer in Cleveland.  I am known, primarily as a wedding photographer. That is how I’ve always marketed myself. I love photographing weddings (LOVE!). But I am an artist that uses a camera to create my art. So any subject, even newborn babies,  is acceptable as long as my clients want unique family pictures.

Approach to Newborn Photography

My approach to newborn photography is my approach for all of my photography. Make it completely convenient and a great experience for my clients. Use the best possible light that I have at my disposal. Attempt to create unique and artistic baby pictures. I avoid props if possible. I run from trendy approaches. Some of my clients are attracted to that and reserve me for their baby pictures.

Past Bridal Clients

Jay and Colleen were married in 2014. You can see their wedding reception at Springvale Ballroom -HERE-. They had me photograph their firstborn son, Conor, and just recently their newest son, Jack. They are so great to work with. Not only are they super nice, but they appreciate and expect baby pictures that are different from the norm. That is motivating. Your baby’s photos are super important. Not only for you as their parent in the present, but also as historical documentation. When the Yagersz of 100 years from now look at the baby pictures of Conor and Jack, I want them to see that Jay and Colleen put a lot of thought and effort into those pictures. Really it’s the same with weddings, which is an historical event. The pictures that we take aren’t really for us. They are for our children and their children.

So, even though I’m considered a wedding photographer in Cleveland, if unique and different newborn and baby pictures are important, run from the trends and get in touch. Here are a few favorites from the session.

mother cradling her newborn baby in picture dad holding newborn sonpicture of cleveland family with newborn picture of newborn baby in clevelandmom and dad cradling newborn baby in clevelnad

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