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Newborn Pictures in Tallmadge // Cleveland Photographers

Not known as a newborn photographer, I was excited when my past bridal clients, Jon and Maria, contacted me about doing their newborn pictures in Tallmadge. This was their second time having me do their newborn photos. I did their daughter, Olivia’s, newborn pics back in 2016.

From Wedding Pictures to Family Pictures

I documented Jon and Maria’s wedding in 2013 (Has it been that long already?!) and their wedding reception at Firestone Country Club. So I was honored when they contacted me for Olivia’s newborn pictures. I was doubly honored when they got in touch for their son, Eli’s, pictures.

As I mentioned, I’m not known for my newborn photography. I’ve been, primarily, a wedding photographer my entire career. I started to really focus on babies when my wife and I had one of our own. Our son, Elliot, was born in 2016 and my love for him is boundless. It only made sense that my two loves would converge and my appreciation for baby pictures increased exponentially.

Developing Newborn Photography Style

Since then, I’ve been honing my craft in baby pictures. I don’t pursue the latest trend or try to do the newborn pictures like everyone else. I do them the way that I do them. My newborn clients are looking for something different so it works out perfectly.

I am super grateful that Jon and Marie appreciate my style enough to entrust me with their children.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

cleveland baby laying in crib cleveland newborn baby laying in front of crib toddler playing with newborn brother picture of cleveland family with newborn baby and toddler mom holding newborn baby kissing her toddler in Cleveland