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Newborn Baby in Lakewood // Cleveland Newborn Photographers

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m not considered amongst the Cleveland newborn photographers. I’ve been a wedding photographer for so long, my clients don’t really consider me for newborn photography. But, while I absolutely love photographing weddings, I am a photographic artist first and foremost.

Luckily for me, my past bridal clients, Ryan and Marianne,  understood this and contracted me to document the birth of their first child. For my birth photography service, I include a maternity session, the birth, and a newborn session. They had their newborn session in Lakewood yesterday.

I always do these photo sessions right in my clients home. Its super convenient for them. They don’t have to trudge to a studio with their new baby just to have their pictures look like everyone else that goes to that studio. My pictures are are always different and unique because each clients home is different and unique.  It also makes the pictures much more intimate since they take place in the home.

Little baby Aberdeen was an angel. So good throughout the entire session. I attribute this to great parenting and having the session right in the home where she is most comfortable.

Here are a few of my favorites from her newborn session.

newborn picture of baby on striped blanket dad smiling holding newborn babynewborn baby surprises dad in newborn picture

newborn photography baby crying

close up of newborn babymom kissing newborn babynewborn picture in Cleveland mom holding baby with dad black and white newborn picture of parents holding baby