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Marriage Proposal at First Energy Stadium: Cleveland Browns

Historic Proposal at Cleveland Browns Stadium

When Raymond told me that he wanted to set up his marriage proposal to Nancy at First Energy Stadium, I was super excited. A unique idea. Extremely hard to pull off since there has only been a grand total of one proposal in the stadium’s history. When the day arrived and I spoke with Cristina, the Catering and Premium Services Senior manager, the moment escalated. Raymond was going to propose to Nancy right on the field. This would be the first time in the history of the stadium that this has happened! Talk about pressure. I couldn’t imagine what would be going on in Raymond’s head when the moment arrived.

Perfectly Planned Proposal

When that moment DID arrive, I was on the field posing as a field technician. I was inspecting the turf and trying to blend in as best I could ( I WAS the only person on the field). Cristina placed them perfectly in the predesignated spot and it was game on (pun intended )!

As Raymond dropped to one knee, I swung into action. With the Cleveland Browns bleachers in the background, Nancy was stunned! Her joy was immediate as was her acceptance to Ray’s proposal. After they had a moment, we did some creative pictures right on the field of the stadium.

Engagement Pictures at Cleveland Browns Stadium

We didn’t want to waste such a great opportunity, so we did as many pictures as we could on the field. We then went into the inner stadium area and did some engagement pictures. Such a unique opportunity get engagement pictures of Browns fans. It was so fun!!

We finished up by moving into downtown Cleveland to get engagement pictures around the holiday lights.

Raymond pulled off this historic marriage proposal perfectly. I was so honored to be able to document it. Below is the moment and just afterward. We then did some absolutely authentic engagement pictures in downtown Cleveland.

Congratulations Ray and Nancy!!

Ray proposing to Nancy at First Energy Stadium On one knee for his wedding proposal They kiss after she says yes They hug after she accepts his marriage proposal Nancy crying as Ray gets ring ready Ray getting ready to put on engagement ring Ray puts engagement ring on Nancy

They kiss after the ring is on her finger Ray picks up Nancy after marriage proposal Ray scores a touchdown at First Energy Stadium Couple kiss at First Energy Stadium Engagement picture after proposal at First Energy Stadium Couple share champagne after marriage proposal at First Energy Stadium Kissing in tunnel at First Energy Stadium Ray kidding Nancy's head during engagement picture in public square Couple kissing in Cuyhoga County memorial Couple hug during engagement pictures on Cleveland East Fourth Street Couple laughing during engagement pictures on Cleveland East Fourth Street