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Friday Photography Flashback: Wedding in Canton

I wanted to revisit Michelle and Howie’s wedding in Canton, Ohio in this post. Michelle has been a friend of mine for a long time and her and Howie just had a baby girl, baby Sloane, so I thought, what better way to acknowledge their new arrival than to take a look back at their Canton wedding and reception at La Pizzaria.

Wedding Day In Canton Ohio

The day started at the Cambria Suites in North Canton, which is south of Akron, Ohio . Howie and Michelle both got ready there and this really helped their timeline. It not only made it easy to get all of the required family pictures, but it made it less stressful for them since they didn’t have to run around all morning, The hotel was great, There were a lot of cool areas for pictures and a lot of interesting areas for cool, textured backgrounds.

One of my favorite pictures of the day (probably of the year) happened when Michelle finished putting on her dress and the weight of the moment struck her. Luckily, here mom was there to comfort her and I was in the right spot a the right time.

A Wedding Day First Look

Oftentimes on wedding day’s, the bride and groom will have a “first look” or a “reveal”. This is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time before the wedding ceremony. I discuss this extensively -HERE-. This is always a great moment. But another great moment on a wedding day is when the father of the bride sees her for the first time. This is what Michelle did with her dad and his expressions are priceless. That is one thing that really sticks out about this wedding day. That is the range of emotions and expressions exhibited. That is golden for a wedding photographer. And these are the images that I love capturing the most. Howie and Michelle did a version of this, but without seeing each other. There reached around a well, held hands, exchanged wedding day gifts and exchanged words privately.

Wedding Reception at La Pizzeria in Canton

We did some wedding pictures around the Canton area after the ceremony and before we headed to their wedding reception at La Pizzaria. One image from this period was in the middle of a parking lot across from La Pizzaria. We were short on time and I really wanted more pictures of Howie and Michelle together. I’m proud of these because it really was a crap location and we did a great job of getting great wedding pictures in a bad location.

South of Akron, La Pizzaria is an interesting reception venue in Canton. Located in a business district, it is unassuming on the outside. But the inside is gorgeous. At least the Fresco Room where I’ve photographed all of my wedding receptions at La Pizzaria. Warm wood surrounds pillars and is centered around a a Faux sky painted in the middle of the ceiling. I love photographing this spot, especially the bride and groom first dance. It is always dramatic. The party hopped all night and topped off a beautiful and happy wedding day.

I want to thank Howie and Michelle, once again, for allowing me to document their wedding day. Congratulations for baby Sloane and I hope to be able to photography you all for a family portrait when you are in the local area.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from their wedding in Canton.

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