FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to one of my support pages. Your wedding photography is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Your wedding pictures are what you will have to remember all of the time, effort and investments that were made on one of the happiest days of your life. I want to help provide you with all of the information that you will need to make the best decision when deciding on who will document your wedding day. 

   The following are frequently asked questions. You can also find more information by clicking the “Articles” link in the main menu. And, of course, you can always contact me and I will answer any questions that you may have. 

Q – What experience do you have? 

A – I have been a wedding photographer since 2000. I have documented well over 300 weddings. 

Q – What do you charge and what am I paying for? 

A – I am a full service wedding photography company. That means that my minimum is usually everyone else’s maximum. You  can review my wedding pricing -HERE- , portrait pricing -HERE-, and my blog post regarding what you are paying for -HERE-

Q – Why is all day coverage important? 

A – With this question I always respond with another question. What part of your wedding day is NOT IMPORTANT enough to photograph? Of course, your entire wedding day is important. That is why my minimum pricing includes all day wedding coverage. You can read more of my thoughts on all day wedding coverage -HERE-.

Q – Do you have two photographers available for my wedding day? 

A – My MINIMUM always includes two photographers which will always be me and my assistant, Kristen. 

Q – Can I get an engagement session? 

A – Engagement sessions are ALWAYS included in my minimum service. Read my thoughts on the importance of engagement sessions -Here- .

Q – How long will it take to get my wedding proofs back?

A – I promise that you will have your wedding proofs ready to view within two weeks of your wedding day. 

Q – Will you keep my wedding pictures private and not share them on social media? 

A- I value my clients privacy greatly. If you do not want your wedding pictures shared publicly on social media we will always honor that request and we WILL NOT CHARGE for this. 

Q –How long do you keep our wedding pictures? 

A – Forever. 

Q – Why do your offer a wedding album first, rather than digital files? 

A – I want to present you with the most beautiful representation of your wedding day as is possible. That can only be done with the finest wedding album available today. We will collaborate to put together a storybook that you can’t wait to show your family and friends. And rather than share your photos on your smartphone, you can share them in a gorgeous one of a kind wedding book. We do still offer digital files, but you will receive a wedding album first and foremost.  See some of our wedding album designs -HERE- 

Q- Do you do standard family pictures at weddings? 

A- Always. Family pictures are some of the most important pictures that we will take on your wedding day. See my thoughts on family photos at weddings -HERE-