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Family Pictures in Willoughby – Cleveland Portrait Photographers

  • Post published:January 18, 2021
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I was excited for Mark and Courtney’s family pictures in Willoughby, Ohio. I photographed their wedding in 2014 and was SO glad to hear from them about taking family pictures.

Bridal Clients Become Portrait Clients

I love it when my bridal clients become portrait clients. To be there when it all started, at the wedding, and then see them grow their family is truly a blessing. And, to be able to document these important moments is truly and honor. For their family pictures, I met Mark, Courtney and their son, Cameron, in their home. This is the absolute most convenient way to do family pictures. My clients don’t have to inconvenience themselves by driving to another location. And, unlike a stale studio where all pictures will look the same, their pictures will be 100% unique and intimate. Intimate pictures because this is where they live. It’s where they are raising their child.

Grandma and Grandpa Joined In

I always encourage my clients to have other family members participate in their family portrait session. I mean, it IS a FAMILY picture session, so they should take full advantage of it. This is exactly what Mark and Courtney did. Courtney’s parents sat in with Cameron and his cousins. This type of picture will only increase in value as the kids grown up. I was so happy that everyone was included. Since the photo session was on location in their home, there was no inconvenience for family members to participate.

Variety of Family Pictures

Moving around their home enabled us to get a variety of family pictures. Being able to play in his playroom kept Cameron happy and comfortable so we could get professional toddler pictures that still look natural.

I want to thank Mark and Courtney for, again, entrusting me with such an important milestone. Here are just a few favorites from their family pictures in Willoughby.

toddler picture with boy playing with truck little boy smiling in Cleveland family picture mom holding boy in family picture in Willoughby Ohio grandparents with grandchildren in professional photo parents with toddler in family picture in Clevelandtoddler laughing in family pictures in Cleveland